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Regatta - Jamestown
Regatta - Jamestown - Best of Show Award - Governor's "Scenes of RI"
I believe an artist’s responsibility is to develop his talents and to share the message in his heart to positively affect the lives of others.

My work has been called humanist. It’s message seeks to connect with uplifting forces and feelings that can help bring us each and all together to a fuller human potential in an age of cultural division.

My inspirations, and so my paintings, involve what I feel are important concepts — things that matter. Things that help us better understand ourselves in our world. Things like inhibitions,patriotism and love.

Realism is the basic language of my paintings in order that the meaning of my paintings is clearly conveyed and most easily understood. Added layers of graphics, materials, textures, etc. are done to allow viewers an even deeper, more visceral understanding of each painting.

In my work, I seek to continuously learn and thereby, advance the painting process beyond past limits. For example, by developing new paint chemistries to achieve more nuanced colors. And by creating more interesting textural effects through innovative layering processes and materials.

After college and graduate school, juried acceptance into the nation’s second oldest and revered Providence Art Club and artist membership in the Newport Museum have provided me decades of discourse and practice with respected contemporary artists who have shared like goals.

Almost exclusively, my paintings are large - averaging over 20 square feet apiece. I simply feel most comfortable at this scale. Two studios, in New England and Florida, provide adequate work and think space. And my works are shown in gallery settings that allow collectors to view the full sweep of an artist’s body of work.

My artworks are included in corporate and institutional collections. And, across some 50 years, I have received many satisfying awards, not just in art – but for film and poetry as well. I shall continue to focus my energies on further developing my art process, and my talents…. such as they may be.